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Timber Frame Mastery: A Roadmap to Create Lasting Beauty Handcrafted Constructions

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The culture of job-quitting is here to stay

Did you know only "35% of employees are engaged at their job"?! - Gallup 2021

57% of employees surveyed said they were fed up enough to quit and 70% of C-level executives telling pollsters that they seriously might resign for a job that better supports their well-being. - Axios 2022

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“How do I find a great candidate for my open position?”

Use our guide to serve as your own recruiter or find the right head hunter:

  1. Search LinkedIn with keywords from the job description
  2. Ask 1st & 2nd-degree connections to review the job description and consider applying in direct messages.
  3. Search for recruiters and send them custom connection requests
  4. Expect to pay 20-30% of first-year salary contingent on one full year of employment

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